Patsy Edwards

Clarity Coach

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What People Are Saying:

Ann Marie Hubbard
We Thrive At Life, FL

"Before working with Coach Patsy, I was struggling with homing in on my coaching niche. Patsy helped me gain clarity and drew out the gifts inside me. Today I have my own business as an abundant mindset coach, helping people and entrepreneurs get breakthrough and find their own personal strategies to bring them success in life and business. If you are struggling with narrowing down your niche and putting your personal dream to paper, I highly recommend working with Coach Patsy..."

Desiree S

"A few years ago, God called me to speak and coach. I tried for a couple years to figure it out on my own and establish God's plan for me, but I kept hitting walls and not moving forward. Then I began working with Coach Patsy and everything changed! I got almost instant clarity on who I should help and how. She gave me strategies and resources to identify and refine my passion so I can be the best at what God has called me to do. Now, I have clients of my own and am moving forward in my Kingdom calling! Thank you, Coach Patsy!"

Julia Richards

"Before taking Patsy’s purpose class I was curious about what new direction the Lord wanted to take me in. During her class, I was engaged by her vivacious personality & teaching style! After taking Patsy’s class, I felt refreshed & excited to go further with more insight into my purpose in ministry! I learned a lot & really enjoyed her sharing her testimony with the class; it really added depth to the content we were diving into! Thank you, Patsy!"

Jim M

"Before working with Coach Patsy, I was struggling with how to reach and influence the types of potential clients I was looking for. Patsy helped me work through and organize all the ideas I had, get clear on my target audience, and put to paper what I needed to do to accomplish this.

Today I know where I am going and am implementing a plan on how to get there. If you are struggling with your purpose and need clarity on how to fulfill it, I highly recommend working with coach Patsy Edwards...."

Tracy Gutierrez, Co-Pastor
Stones Cry Out Fellowship, TX

"Patsy Edwards is a dynamic teacher. I was blessed to have her for more than one class. She is gifted with God's wisdom and discernment. God's anointing pours through her and she teaches with depth and passion. After taking her class, I had a better understanding of my purpose and was on fire for what the next step would be. My husband and I took the class together, our vision was expanded, and we now pastor our own church! Patsy is fun and energetic, and definitely keeps the class engaged! Her relationship and walk with Christ are evident. She is one of a kind, and all who have the opportunity to learn from her will be blessed!"